Modern Technology

At Hutchison Ports Thailand, we strive for technological advancement in our business that enables real benefits for both our customers and our operations. We apply state-of-the-art technology to control the entire scope of our terminal operations, including ship and yard planning, gate operations, and vessel operations; plus overall operations monitoring, equipment utilization, and productivity.

Here are some of our latest technology:

Remote-control Technology

Hutchison Ports Thailand is leading by example and proving their commitment to innovation and safety with the introduction of the first remote-control equipment at Leam Chabang Port, and in doing so opens a new chapter in the development of Thailand’s container terminals. These innovations reinforce the competitiveness of the Laem Chabang Port’s efficiency, occupational safety and working environment for crane operators. Learn more about our remote-control technology.

Terminal Management Platform

We proudly utilize nGen technology, which is a comprehensive and fully integrated terminal operating system developed in-house at Hutchison Ports. The nGen system helps us to control and optimise the entire scope of container terminal operations with pioneered automation engines and total connectivity, enabling operators to plan and speed up the movement of goods between the gate and the quayside.

HPT General Cargo, Ro-Ro, and CFS Management System (HPT GCMS)

HPT GCMS provides real-time confirmation of discharge/loading of general cargo, yard allocation and equipment deployment with minimal human intervention, without compromising efficiency and accuracy.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Hutchison Ports Thailand has adopted EDI technology to reduce the need for manual labour and the chance of human errors, increasing processing speed and accuracy which improves our business efficiency and service quality.

Most international-standard EDI messages are supported by our in-house systems, such as BAPLIE, CODECO, and COARRI. The messages can be exchanged in various mechanisms between business partners in most formats via Electronic Mail, or even by SFTP if required.

Electronic Payment Service

To enhance the flow of services and develop efficient payment methods, our terminals use Electronic Payment Services, allowing customers the easy and convenience of settling bills via an ATM or other electronic means.