Hutchison Ports Thailand (HPT) recently held an internal event which focused on promoting UNITY core values and behaviours. During the event, Mr. Sakol Tojumroen, HPT’s Chief Operating Officer along with the HPT management team explained the importance of UNITY to the company’s employees. Now, HPT is on the “Commit and Inspire” phase of the UNITY programme, and is planning to hold an official launch event in March. The initials of “UNITY” core values stand for; “U” for UNRIVALLED STANDARD “N” for NETWORK STRENGTH “I” for INFORMED DECISION “T” for TRUSTED AND HONEST “Y” for YOUR PARTNERS Hutchison Ports Group are encouraging their employees to embrace a commitment mindset and march towards the same goal through the “UNITY” core values. Currently, Hutchison Ports are operating in 52 ports, in 27 countries around the globe, and are united together as a network. They are continuously striving to elevate their quality standards, while offering the best services to their valuable customers.